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June 29, 2009



In my opinion, some of the reasons why there has been no action on "Climate Change" (et all) is that people (you, me, everyone) are too self absorbed to see the world around us. We are too concerned with our own "little" lives compared to the big (huge!) picture, of the world. We have to deal with our daily commute to our occupation that keeps us busy everyday. Then we have to deal with that occupation and the people surrounding it. Then we have to deal with the people at home, spouses, children, grand children, friends, etc. Then we have to deal with protecting what is "ours", our home, our vehicles, RV's, etc. It just keeps going and going. When do we ever stop to "smell the roses"? And its bigger than just doing some gardening. People have to get together on this topic. Have no other purpose than simply improving our habitat, our world. So how could it happen with us all being like this? It can't...not until some catastrophe happens that interrupts our self-absorbed "little world". Is this the purpose of the myths surrounding the year 2012? We'll soon find out.

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