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September 09, 2009


Steve Barth

Great thoughts, Richard. Of course, the world we live in has long been a complex adaptive system. For humans, though, we tend to get to a point where it's no longer useful to pretend otherwise, neh? That is, it's always easier to simplify as long as we can get away with it--then folly to keep simplifying after that.

Just finished reading your newsletter. I couldn’t help but thinking about complex systems in the natural world throughout my reading (must me my biology background creeping out). Adaptation of living organisms behave in much the same manner as you describe. Mass extinctions, long explained by single catastrophic events, are now being examined through the lens of complex and interconnected systems which, as you say, become weaker as the interconnectedness and dependencies deepen within them. A small shift within the web of life can cause huge changes to the entire environment and living systems resulting in extinctions and the need for organisms to adapt or die. We are already living in tomorrow’s world in so many ways, we just haven’t taken our knowledge of the natural world and transferred it to the business world where we now all hunt, eat and try o survive.

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